All our crew at Trusty Project Management, regardless of a person’s position, are committed to improve their abilities to meet the required standards and to go beyond their limits. Also, our attention to detail enables us to uncover some hidden aspects others may not notice.

Even the little things matter here. That’s why we always look forward to improving our capacity to make even slightest changes as we believe that there’s no limit to our measure of success and striving for excellence is something we hold on firmly.

The Trusty Project Management CO., LTD. provides one-stop service for the property project management ranged from the very beginning of determining a core concept of the project, once the construction is complete and until the property has been ready to be used properly by the project owner. A summary of our main services can be found below:

  • Quantity Survey and Cost Management
  • Multiple Contracts Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Commissioning and Acceptation Test upon Completion of Construction
  • Building Renovation and Upgrading
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Project Master Planning and Scheduling
  • Selection Design Team and Specialists
  • Design Review and Coordination
  • Value Engineering and Constructability Review
  • Project Financial Control

Work Stage

The Trusty Project Management CO., LTD. provides a complete service for property management consultancy and construction supervision. Our services are categorized into three stages as follows:

Stage 1 : Pre-Construction

Stage 2 : During Construction

Stage 3 : Post-Construction

Company Profile